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16 Avril 2021
07 Avril 2021
International Scientific Days SFC 2021 - Stochastic & Fractional Calculus
Date de création: 30 Mar 2021

We welcome your participation and contribution to the international scientific days on Stochastic and Fractional Calculus: SFC 2021 to be held in Monastir, Tunisia, and via Zoom for invited speakers, during April 05-06, 2021.

SFC 2021 are organized to bring together worldwide leading researchers and practitioners interested in advancing the state of  mathematics, for exchanging knowledge that encompasses a broad range of disciplines among various distinct communities. It is hoped that researchers and practitioners will bring new prospects for collaboration across disciplines and gain inspiration to facilitate novel breakthroughs. The themes for these scientific days are thus focused on "Stochastic" and "Fractional Calculus".

These scientific days are expected to provide an opportunity for the researchers to meet and discuss (in-person or via zoom) the latest solutions, scientific results, and methods in solving problems in the fields of Stochastic and Fractional Calculus.

Information & Registration : Official website