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International partnership

For years the Faculty of Sciences Monastir develops a major effort in international ccopération with developed countries (EU, USA, Canada) or emerging Morocco, Algeria, Libya, Egypt …
Through cooperation with the organized and international tenders are proposed it is clear that cooperation with France is the size of the lion’s share through bilateral projects CMCU; PICS, CNRS, INRIA or regional in particular with the Rhone Alps region which is detached from Monastir.
Moreover, in recent years, bilateral projects with Morocco CMPTM (Tunisian-Moroccan project) and the Spanish have become frequent.
These projects involved in coaching in the doctoral theses under joint supervision, exchange of research results and co-publication, and exchange knowledge and know-how and skills development.
Currently several dozen PhD theses co-supervised jointly supervised in cooperation with the following universities:
Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1
Ecole Centrale de Lyon 
INP. Grenoble
Université Bretagne Sud
Université Pierre et Marie Curie
Université Henri Poincaré Nancy 1
University Paul Sabatier Toulouse 3
University of Versailles Saint Quentin en Yvelines
Université Paris Sud 11
Université de Bourgogne
Université Blaise Pascal
University of Rouen
University Denis Diderot Paris 7
Université Montpellier II
Le Havre University
University of Lille
Université Paris Sud XI

A Tempus project was completed several years ago on the use of digital teaching math.